Five Years from the Beatification of Blessed Alphonse Marie

      On September 9, 2023, we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the beatification of our Foundress, Blessed Alphonse Marie. Five years seems to be a short time, however, in these five years a lot has happened which has led to change.

      This small and simple 5th anniversary will be celebrated by every Province and Region differently, according their possibilities and circumstances. This shows the diversity in our Congregation and the Congregation originating from the foundation of Mother Alphonse Marie.  

      We, Sisters of the Divine Redeemer, are happy in having Mother Alphonse Marie, a woman, who at the beginning of the history of our Congregation saw reality in the light of faith and was ready to answer to the challenges of her time.

      She was primarily concerned with the people, their needs and wants, and that they should find a meaningful life without being restricted in their freedom and dignity as human beings, as God's creatures.

“For freedom, Christ set us free.” Gal 5:1 Thus St. Paul teaches us in the Letter to the Galatians about a deep meaning of the message of redemption.

      Mother Alphonse Marie lived this freedom in Christ credibly in her time and her own way. With her life decision she stood for a faith that lived from her own experience and that she also shared with other people. Through her devotion to the poor, disadvantaged, the sick, and discerning people, she made it possible to experience a loving God who was devoted to people.

      The Feast of Blessed Alphonse Marie can motivate us again to re-valuate our vocation. Let Christ live in us and let us radiate what gives us strength and hope to live. Let us live forward and await again a future that comes from God.

From the Circular of the Superior General, Sr. Johanna Vogl, dated August 28, 2023