The Slovak Province

The Seat of the Province is in Spišská Nová Ves. In our Congregation, the Slovak Province is both the largest and youngest one. In this time, there is even a junior and a candidate. The Slovak Province has 15 communities. The Sisters work both, in their own and other institutions.

The Apostolates in Our Own Works

Center for Children and Families

Private Kindergarten
in Spišská Nová Ves


Alžbetka, n.o., exists since 2004. It is a work of the Slovak Province of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer. The form of the apostolate corresponds with our charism and the current needs of people in our areas.

Alžbetka n.o., covers three Institutions:


Assisted Living House for Seniors,
St. Joseph House, Raslavice

Assisted Living House for Seniors of the Redeeemer,

Other our convents

The Seat of the Province and the convent in Spišská Nová Ves

Catechetical work, home care
and administrative work

TOPOĽČANY, work in hospital and catechetical work

VRÍCKO, Home Care for our sick and elderly Sisters


LEVOČA, home care and catechetical work

KOŠICE, care for the sick and administrative work at the University Theological Faculty

The Sisters also live in rented convents and work in other various apostolates: SNINA – catechetical and education and pastoral work, LEVOČA - MARIÁNSKA HORA (MARIAN  MOUNTAIN) – care for the Basilica Minor and the Pilgrimage House, BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – household management of the Bishop’s residence, PARTIZÁNSKE – catechetical and pastoral work, VRÍCKO, KLÁŠTOR POD ZNIEVOM – care for our sick and elderly Sisters, care for the homeless, and nursing,  ŽILINA – household management of the Bishop’s residence, BRATISLAVA – work in the Mercy Brothers’ Hospital.

In the light of faith and seeing the signs of the time, we want, through our work, to answer to the challenges of life around us.  Through our work and in distinguishing the needs of the time, we want to hear God’s word and how to live our charism in this troubled, yet so magnificent, historical moment.

In various places, where we perform our apostolic activity, we seek to build and improve conditions of life and activities. Yet, we always consider if it helps us to be near people, especially the needy and marginalized.

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