The American Region

All Sisters live in one community. The reason is the decreased number of the members and the aging of the American Region. Yet the Sisters, by their lives, show that the religious life is important for them and it is a treasure both for them and for the Church. There are many ways to remain lively and fresh.

It means for the Sisters to be open, welcoming and still able to learn. In America, the Sisters are not close in “their own small world”. They walk with open eyes, ears, and heart, anew. They slowly learn that in our Congregation we need each other. They try to see between the lines, hear nuances and to perceive longings.

The Sisters in Elizabeth, with the support of the younger Slovak Sisters, have been accustomed to new situations for over 30 years, knowing that they are not alone but together on the way and that we will only have strength together. Today, the most important job for the American Sisters is the unification with Jesus and the prayer apostolate. These, the people around them most appreciate. Thus, with confidence, they turn in their needs to the Sisters. Together with the associates and volunteers they are leaven through the testimony of their lives.

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