The Austrian Province

The Seat of the Province is in Eisenstadt. The house offers the Sisters the opportunity for education, retreats and rest. Here also live the elderly Sisters. Significant decrease in the number of Sisters is reflected in the number of the communities. The Sisters live in six communities, but only own three houses. In the Austrian Province, there are our own apostolates in our schools – education – excellently performed by almost only laity.

The Apostolates in Our Own Works

To help young people find direction for their lives always has been and will be an important educational goal of our religious schools. It always remains valid for our schools that good education is at the center. In our schools, we offer our students comprehensive and general education and impart to them the knowledge and values they need, so they will be able, morally and responsibly, to actively participate in the cultural, religious, political and economic life of our society.


Association of Schools of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer Theresianum Eisenstadt


The New High School:

Economic High School

Gymnasium – Upper Classes with Teaching of Musical Instruments
Special School for Business Professions

Schools in Marianum in Steinberg


The New High School of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer             

Two-year Economic School of the Sisters of the Divine Redeemer

The Apostolates in Other Institutions

The Sisters work in hospitals and nursing homes, especially in the pastoral care. They are present in the Mercy Brother’s Hopsitals in Salzburg and Eisenstadt and the Nursing Home in Rechnitz.

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